There are different reasons for outsourcing security services. Sometimes you just need a separation of duties to ensure that conflicts of interest don’t occur. In other cases your business may be growing faster than your hiring abilities. Or perhaps you are not yet ready to take on the additional responsibilities of additional full-time staff. Whatever your reason is for outsourcing security services, COACT can help you obtain your goals. We find out what your unique requirements are, and put together a proposal to address your objectives. Our security services have a proven track record of excellence. U.S. military bases have been entrusting COACT with managing their sensitive information systems for years. Your success is our success. Let us know if we can help.

    Physical Security

    COACT offers a variety of managed physical security services. If you feel we can help you in any of these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Design, operate, and manage card based physical security systems
    • Administer badge identification and authentication services
    • Administer central management of surveillance systems
    • Manage biometric authentication and identification system
    • Operate and administer central surveillance systems
    • Provide asset management and inventory control services
    • Provide Classified document control support
    • Management of classified waste destruction
    • Oversee safe relocations, combination changes and maintenance of records
    • Provide scheduled physical security testing
    • Process visit requests and update database for all incoming visitors
    • Assist military base police with visitor access control

    IT Support

    COACT offers a variety of information technology (IT) support services.

    • Develop Security Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
    • Develop Disaster Recovery procedures and methodologies
    • Develop briefings for network security presentations
    • Test network security products for procurement evaluations
    • Monitor WAN and LAN for intrusions, misuse, and unauthorized access
    • Provide security architecture engineering and development
    • Provide security education training

    Network Management

    COACT offers a variety of information technology (IT) support services.

    • Configure routers, switches, racks, and communications lines
    • Manage installation, maintenance, and repair of the equipment
    • Track intrusion attempts and advise management on threats
    • Maintain crypto sub accounts and track the keying materials and hardware
    • Perform vulnerability assessment services and penetration tests
    • Perform wireless network intrusion and performance analysis
    • Prioritize tasks and help define agenda
    • Analyze network traffic and provide metrics for error detection rates and performance

    System Administrator

    COACT offers a variety of information technology (IT) support services.

    • Provide computer hardware, software and communications operations and support
    • Manage and provide support for PC desktops and laptops
    • Provide systems administration of Windows 2012 and Windows 2014 servers
    • Enterprise wide anti-virus deployment and support
    • Provide systems engineering for Solaris and SGI UNIX systems
    • Oversee patch management including testing and deployment of new patches
    • Evaluate products and make procurement recommendations
    • Database management and support
    • Support and operations of enterprise applications such as Microsoft SMS
    • Administer licensing of Microsoft Office products
    • Provide systems administration and operating system support of Sun and SGI UNIX systems