HIPAA Compliance

    There are two main components of HIPAA compliance – Privacy and Security:

    • The Privacy Rule addresses the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).
    • The Security Rule defines the standards for protecting PHI through the implementation of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

    Your organization may meet the administrative and physical controls required to safeguard PHI. Are you confident that your organization meets the rigorous technical requirements?

    These standards must be met or your organization could be subject to civil and even criminal penalties. HIPAA violations can reach a maximum penalty of $50,000 per violation up to $1,500,000. It is imperative to consider the cost and irreparable impact these violations could have your company’s reputation.

    COACT can assist your organization in assessing your responsibility, security, risks, and gaps. We have assisted numerous clients in each step of this process, and will seamlessly guide your organization toward HIPAA compliance.

    COACT HIPAA compliance services include the following:

    An assessment of your current responsibility, security, risks, and gaps.

        • COACT will assist you in understanding your current posture before deciding how to proceed

    Formal documentation, and guidance in the implementation of policies and controls to safeguard PHI.

        • COACT will prepare the documentation package that would be examined during a HIPAA audit.
        • Guide implementation of policies and controls to address required safeguards.

    The tools to allow your organization to track progress toward compliance.

        • COACT will create and deliver a clear Risk Assessment Report and a HIPAA Readiness Report devoid of any ambiguity or confusion.

    Required training for your organization’s Compliance, Privacy, and Security Officers(s).

    An annual interim revalidation to ensure ongoing compliance.


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