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Risk Management Services for the Private Industry

As the volume of cybercrime is steadily increasing and new types of attacks are emerging that target intellectual property, proprietary information, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), companies that fail to exercise due diligence when protecting information and information systems expose themselves to unprecedented risks and liabilities. In addition to the compromise of corporate and customer data, information security failures can result in serious losses by disrupting business operations and causing irreparable harm to a company’s reputation. Organizations that provide products and perform services in regulated industries are at risk of fines, penalties, and losing contracts if security compliance is not maintained.

The COACT risk management and compliance services for the private industry were established to allow commercial entities to take advantage of the same information security and assurance processes used by Federal agencies and leading companies around the world. As part of our service offering, COACT can support your compliance needs in meeting the requirements of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.242-7012, and other frameworks and regulations. COACT can also assist with the establishment or improvement of an information security program to enhance the security safeguards implemented within your enterprise.

Risk Management Consulting Services

Our risk management and compliance services will provide your organization with a completely objective third-party evaluation of its information security posture. COACT consultants will leverage their extensive knowledge, experience, and technical skills to analyze and report on all aspects of your information security program.

Consulting Activities Included With This Offering

Perfect for Growing and Expanding Businesses

For organizations with less mature information security programs, COACT is your best choice for planning and implementing a program that is optimized for your needs.  Our expert consultants can help your organization determine the appropriate security and privacy controls for your enterprise based on your business requirements and mission.  Regardless of the size of your organization, COACT can help you implement a practical and scalable information security and risk management program that will continually improve as your organization grows.

Risk Management Assessment Services

Most organizations with mature information security and risk management programs utilize self-assessments to determine overall effectiveness and maintain visibility of risks. There are various limitations associated with the performance of self-assessments including:

  1. Assessments are often time-consuming and require significant effort and resources; can impact the effectiveness of assessments for companies without dedicated security staff
  2. Assessments require knowledgeable individuals to conduct them effectively and produce accurate results
  3. Assessment activities involve significant input from and coordination among stakeholders at multiple levels of an organization
  4. Assessments must be performed objectively; optimistic biases can diminish the value of results

COACT assessors can provide your organization with independent security and risk assessments to ensure safeguards implemented within your enterprise are continuously monitored. Our qualified personnel are familiar with multiple frameworks and assessment methodologies that can be used to demonstrate compliance and provide actionable risk information to organizational officials. COACT is an accredited Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), which is one of the only accreditations that an assessment company can obtain that demonstrates the proper execution of assessments and analyses of risks by qualified personnel. Following the completion of assessment activities, COACT will provide a clear path forward to security and system stakeholders to address identified risks and improve your security posture.

The COACT Advantage

COACT has an accomplished and extensive record of assisting commercial organizations attain positive results, regardless of their current level of compliance or the security status of their information systems. We apply our accredited and standardized quality-control processes to all services and deliverables we provide, ensuring every COACT client gets our absolute best during each engagement. COACT’s client-focused and results-driven approach can help your organization identify risks, implement appropriate security controls, mitigate and eliminate gaps in security, and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.

If you are ready to enlist COACT to support and guide your organization through all the steps required to achieve compliance and/or establish an effective information security program, please reach out to a COACT representative using the contact form below or email

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